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Fight Music

it's hard sometimes....to move on from a love you thought, deep in your heart and mind....that you hoped would last forever. I question in this late hour wether or not this is all to piss me off, if so, I know I deserve it...if not, then I wish her the best of luck and I hope she's happy with him. Do I still love her? Yes, but i'm tired of being an all day sucker, a puppydog waiting for it's master to come back. She clames she wants to be friends, and thats ok for as long as we can stand eachother. But the punching and kicking anytime she and her friends feel like it has to end. No more kicking, no more punching, no more drawing blood with fingernails when I touch them. I am no ones man-bitch and I refuse to be a punching bag. I will be treated with respect by all or i'm gone, i'll go join the guys on the third floor who wont flip out if a frisbee accidentally nips the side of there head. I swear to god sometimes, i'm surrounded by psycho retards...problem is I like some of them. But there are the select few, and I wont name names, just gender...certain guys who are going to far and need the shite kicked out of them
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